This is when one eye turns in or out. A comprehensive assessment is required. These can occur as a child or in adulthood.

It can be caused by the following:

  1. Eye muscle weakness
  2. Spectacle prescription
  3. Eye disease
  4. Reduced vision

Management could involve:

  1. Spectacles
  2. Eye exercises
  3. Prisms which are triangular lenses that are used to align the two eyes. These can be incorporated in spectacles or as a plastic sheet (Fresnel Prism) which can be stuck on the spectacles OR
  4. Surgery

There are few Ophthalmologists in Kenya specialized in squint surgery. Please feel free to ask for their contact details.

Who is testing your eyes?
There is no board for Optometrists in Kenya. Anyone can open up an ‘Optical Shop’ and test your eyes. Please do not be afraid to ask your Optician/Optometrist for their qualifications.