Low Vision is defined as reduced vision even after spectacle correction, medical and surgical treatment.

People with low vision can benefit from optical, non-optical and electronic low vision aids.  These products are all available locally.

Optical Low Vision Devices

  1. spectacle magnifiers
  2. hand magnifiers
  3. domes
  4. telescopes
  5. stand magnifiers

Electronic Magnifiers

We have pocket size as well as large electronic magnifiers.  We also recommend smart phones, tablets and touch screen laptops.  These devices have magnification options built into them.

The most appropriate device/ devices can only be ascertained after a comprehensive Low Vision assessment.

We work closely with Kenya Society for the Blind (KSB) and Kenya Integrated Education Program (KIEP)

KIEP is a program whereby all visually impaired children in primary Government Schools receive educational support.  

Low Vision assessments can also be conducted at the following Centers:

  1. Kenyatta National Hospital
  2. Mbagathi District Hospital
  3. Lions Eye Hospital
  4. Kikuyu Hospital – Eye Unit
  5. Sabatia Eye Hospital
  6. Kericho District Hospital
  7. Nakuru Provincial Hospital
  8. Homabay District Hospital
  9. Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital
  10. SPARK, Meru

We have been working in the area of low vision for almost 20 years in East and Central Africa.

Who is testing your eyes?

There is no board for Optometrists in Kenya.  Anyone can open up an ‘Optical Shop’ and test your eyes.  Please do not be afraid to ask your Optician/Optometrist for their qualifications.