Our Range of Products

We retail frames, lenses, sunglasses, contact lenses, solutions, eye drops, eye patches, spectacle cords and low vision devices.


We have a range of frames from budget to designer frames.  Come and see our special range of pediatric frames, including those for babies.


We offer a wide range of lenses from the Far East and Europe to fit all budgets.


All our sunglasses have UV protection and certified.  Come and see our pediatric range of sunglasses.

Contact lenses

We supply cosmetic, prescription and specialist contact lenses.  The specialist contact lenses are for people with keratoconus, aphakia, irregular corneas, ocular surface disease including bandage contact lenses.


We stock contact lens solutions for hard and soft contact lenses.

Eye Drops

We stock anti-allergy and lubricating eye drops.

Eye Patches

These are used for lazy eye (amblyopia) therapy.   Wholesale price also available.

Spectacle cords

We have a wide range of adult and pediatric spectacle cords.

Low Vision Devices

We stock a range of comprehensive optical and electronic low vision devices.  Please see Catalogue.  Wholesale price also available.

Pediatric Vision Assessment Charts

Vision can be assessed from the time a baby is born.  Assessing a child’s vision requires scientifically designed visual acuity charts.  We supply a range of charts designed by Dr. Lea Hyvarinnen, who is renowned for her work in pediatric eye care.  Please see catalogue for more details.  Wholesale price available.

Who is testing your eyes?

There is no board for Optometrists in Kenya.  Anyone can open up an ‘Optical Shop’ and test your eyes.  Please do not be afraid to ask your Optician/Optometrist for their qualifications.