Your eyes are important to us!

About us

Muthaiga Eye Clinic was started in January 2008.  It started purely as a pediatric eye clinic, but has grown to provide eye care in specialized areas of Optometric practice.  These areas are low vision, specialized contact lenses for babies and those with irregular corneas such as keratoconus and orthoptics.  We also conduct School Screening exercises. We offer comprehensive eye care services to both children and adults.

Optometric Services in Kenya mainly concentrate on the prescription and sale of spectacles.  There are very few centers in Kenya that also incorporate eye health checks as well as specialized Optometric Care.  We pride ourselves in the expertise that we provide to our patients.

Our Vision 

To become the leading provider of specialized Optometric Eye Care Services in Kenya

Our assessments will make you change the way you think about an eye exam.

Our practice boasts highly qualified Optometrists who undergo continuous medical education both locally and internationally.

Our Mission

To provide personalized, compassionate, ethical and international standard of Optometric eye care in Kenya.

About our Optometrist

Zahra Rashid qualified as an Optometrist with First Class Honors from the University of Wales, Cardiff, the UK in 2000 and returned to Kenya at the end of 2001 after completing her pre-registration year at Cheltenham General Hospital in the UK.  Being very passionate about hospital Optometry, she joined Kikuyu Hospital, Eye Unit in 2002 where she worked for 6 years.  She was responsible for vision assessments, refractions, and low vision assessments in children at the base hospital and at outreach centers and the development of pediatric eye care services at the hospital.  She started Muthaiga Eye Clinic in 2008.  Her main area of interest was pediatric eye care.  However, the clinic has grown to provide specialized Optometric eye care for both children and adults.

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Zahra Rashid

Who is testing your eyes?

There is no board for Optometrists in Kenya. Anyone can open up an ‘Optical Shop’ and test your eyes. Please do not be afraid to ask your Optician/Optometrist for their qualifications.

Why Choose us

  • Our Optometrists are highly qualified, experienced, specialized, undergo continuous medical education locally and internationally.
  • Our services are ethical, compassionate and personalized.
  • We bring you an international standard of eye care here in Kenya. We bring you state of the art equipment from retinal cameras to corneal topography.
  • We are much more than your regular Optician.