My name is Erick and have been a patient of Zahra since 2017.My vision was very poor due to my advanced keratoconus.Using glasses and the normal contact lenses was not an option for me as it was not helping with my vision. It is only Zahra who introduced me to Scleral contact lens which gave me a much better vision and also comfortable while on the eye.From my experience Zahra  genuinely cares for her patients all through the process to make sure the best possible outcome is Realized.The staff at the clinic are very accommodative and assisted me all through the process.I still use the scleral lens upto date as they enable me live a productive life.I would recommend anybody who has any vision problems to see Zahra as she will be able to give you a full and clear diagnosis of the problem and possible solution. For Sure Keratoconus and any irregular cornea cases will benefit from the Scleral contact lens she offers. You will not regret it for sure. Thank you Zahra.

Eric Ocholla